MAPRE was founded in 2004 by a young entrepreneurial family from Colombia and settled in the great city of Chicago. Since the beginning, MAPRE has been focused on providing our customers with the best service, price, and quality for all of their casing and packaging needs. From humble beginnings selling products out of garages to a booming industry, MAPRE has led the way with the highest quality casing on the market. Today, MAPRE services all 50 states. From California to New York, MAPRE has satisfied customers all across the country from our leading-edge warehouse in Romeoville, IL.


MAPRE’s mission is to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers with outstanding products and even better customer service. MAPRE has the experience and knowledge to keep the grocery supply chain working to meet your demand. We are dedicated to adapting and innovating to keep up with the needs of our customers. 


MAPRE’s vision is to grow and adapt to keep up with the needs of our customers. MAPRE accomplishes what it sets to achieve, and will continue to work hard to make our vision a reality. In 2004, MAPRE was formed with the idea of supplying world-class customer service and the highest quality casings on the market. By 2010, MAPRE aligned with distributors to give us reach across the country. By 2015, MAPRE moved into a new warehouse and split into MAPRE Foods and MAPRE, INC. to keep up with the various needs of our customers. By 2020, MAPRE expects to expand its facilities and operations even further so we can keep our promise of quality products and great customer service.


At MAPRE, we are committed to our client’s satisfaction, as well as the quality of our product. MAPRE provides the highest quality products that are safe for human consumption while following the latest federal laws in sanitation (FDA).